Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cool of the day

I thought I should share one of my poems on this blog.
Here it is for your 'viewing pleasure'

Cool of the Day

when all is calm, l see birds soar
twisting, diving, turning o'er yonder
when all is calm, the trees are green
with great deep beauty l should always have seen

When all is calm, men's hearts are plain
with so many hiding, in facades, their pain
When all is calm, the breeze now blows
with a caress that touches my soul

When all is calm, the torrents still flow
But peace resides deep within my soul
When all is calm, then judgments are wise
and with a pure heart, contain no vice

When all is calm, beauty is seen
Residing always in people - within
When all is calm , people are prettier
From my perspective change, not in fashion made 'better'

When all is calm, problems are not lofty
and then solutions do not seem so crafty
When all is calm and my soul feels a balm
I wonder 'why don't l try to stay calm?'

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