Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pants and Prophets

I was reading an article the other day and it angered me to no end. The police had "stumbled upon" a man who called himself a Christian prophet. He had been abusing a girl who was under-aged. Well, in some sort of bid to defend himself, he had come up with the most amusing (for someone who would laugh at anything), most disgusting (for someone who was not really into religion) and most annoying (for someone who is a follower of God) defense. He had said:

"The Holy Spirit took her pants off"

I read the article and was very upset, but what really gets to me is how there is a huge dissociation and increasing divide from the nature and character of God in scripture and 'men-of-God'. Obviously, many religious leaders who have large congregations tend to become the standard for living. In the event where their actions are "godly"(another relative term), there is a lesser possibility of crazed followers - even though you will always have people who distort anything, because they themselves are distorted.

On the other hand, where the 'man-of-God' is crazed himself, few leave, but many just follow suit.

Like someone said, it seems to be only in religion that brilliant minds leave their brains outside places of worship.

So what am I advocating?
One person


He said "If I(Jesus - not man or denominations or ministries or teachings or anything else that many have come to substitute for GOD) be lifted up from the earth, I (Jesus) will draw men to me."

We always look for the physical to guide us when he tries over and over again to let us know that he is the Author and Finisher of our Faith.

In a world of dreams, bright lights, mirages and distractions, we must start to see with the eyes of our hearts...

Respect the gift of God in the prophets who reflect his nature

But LOOK, ONLY, to Jesus.

Do enjoy the rest of your day.

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