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(Warning – This article may affect you)

I will like to share some thoughts – but I have to warn the readers beforehand that you do not have to take in the things that you see here. Some of them are very easy to understand and some are just…weird, or a bit confusing, but at the end of the day “let every man be fully persuaded”

All of scripture is from God BUT all of God is not in scripture. Let me clarify before I am misunderstood. Paul and Jesus, both who we know to have seen the ‘Heavenlies’ have both used a similar expression “There are things I would like to let you know, but you cannot bear them yet”. In addition to that, John, the disciple who wrote the book of Revelation, was told not to write thing said by the Seven Thunders (Now, that’s a loud conversation). In addition, Daniel was told to seal up certain things till the end of time.

So here is my allusion: It is very naïve to think that once you know all of scripture, you have come to know ALL about whom God is, all his ways and what he will do. Well, I’m sure many would not have imagined God sending out a spirit to be a lying spirit, telling Samuel to tell a little fib to King Saul, telling a ‘holy’ man to marry a prostitute, or telling Joshua to destroy a city and kill men, women, children and as the bible puts it “everything that breathes”…even the tiny babies in their cribs. David expresses this thought (that God doesn’t necessarily ENDORSE) when he quoted in the Psalms “Happy shall he be that takes your babies and smashes them against the stones” Psalm 137: 9 (Exclamation MINE!!!) So what am I trying to achieve.

It’s simple, really.
I am attempting to jolt you out of comfort zones of naivety that many God chasers seem to want to be cocooned in, as well as create a realization that there is so much MORE to God to know and DESIRE. That is why I want to say it with all boldness, at this point, that winning souls is NOT the most important endeavor of the God-chaser.

Ok, let me say that again.
Winning souls is NOT the MOST IMPORTANT work of the God-seeker. So, what is it?

The most important “work” is to ABIDE in HIM.

Jesus was about to die when he spoke with all the fervor that men who are about to die seem to have. You see, when you are about to die, from personal experience, your mind focuses wonderfully on what is most important. If you can, read the book of John 15: 1-9 where Jesus gave his ‘dead-man-walking’ nuggets to his disciples. But it worries me that many just read scripture without trying to get a feel for the times when the words were spoken, the mood in the air when things were said, the culture of the people at the time and the implications of the words and actions in the passages. When you think through and immerse yourself IN THAT TIME, you get deeper meaning of what appears to be just words. That is the essence of meditation.

Winning souls, healing, raising the dead, fellowship with man is ALL secondary. Why? It’s all about HIM – and when you TRULY abide in HIM, ALL these things WILL happen naturally. There are times to speak to people and there are times to be silent – and while it is okay to be led by passion and just ‘go out and preach’ at every point, it is retardation to stay there and not come to a place where EVERYTHING you do comes out of alignment and knowledge of what God wants to do at that point. You see, Jesus was effective in ministry not because he was passionate, but because he was abiding in the father and was led to do ALL he did – including healing one man at the pool of Bethesda and leaving the sick multitude behind without healing them.

Oh yes, at that point, he did not “heal them all”.  John 5: 1 - 15

You see, a fruit getting bigger, or ripening or accumulating more juice inside is ALL secondary… it needs to be ATTACHED first and to STAY attached – or in the case of the believer, remain continuously aligned with an unchanging God whose actions and plans are dynamic.

Now, let me attempt to paint a picture of the worLd of this God.

The earth is a sphere – or more precisely, oblate spheroid- with blue seas and brown patches of earth. Now the unseen atmosphere surrounds all that. That is the ‘physical’ as you see it. That realm has its laws – gravity, relativity, inertia and so on.

Now around that spherical ball of earth, can you try to imagine a light PINK ball that completely covers that blue ball? Good.
Now, in your mind, grow that pink ball till earth and its enveloping atmosphere is small and about the size of a little coin. Good. That pink ball is the ‘spiritual’ realm – which is actually a slightly misleading term – because it tends to suggest an ‘other’ sphere – rather than a superimposed sphere. Most of earth’s language is misleading anyway, but I will try to work with this cumbersome tool of language. But now, in your mind, you can see the large pink ball which completely shrouds the little earth ball. Stay with me, please.

The pink ball has its own laws as well. You see, by what we call thought (which has several layers), a spiritual pathway is opened and interesting things can happen. You can mould elements of the pink ball to be anything, from money to limbs to animals to rock – and then you can pull these things into/onto the blue ball...making these "thought forms" tangible and ‘touchable’. Now I am sure many people are thinking of how they can easily make money off the pink ball once they ‘understand’ it – while the skeptics are frowning and waiting for me to spew forth something they can call blatant heresy, and then, they, the proud 'defenders of the faith', can lead me high up to Calvary and have me…er, suspended – but wait a while.

That pink sphere is God’s sphere, his “atmosphere”, if you will. In fact, the pink sphere is God – and ALL things are from God, including what we term ‘good’ and ‘evil’ Isaiah 45: 7 “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things"
Don’t like what you are reading in the bible, then you might want to try another book.

Now, with that as a background, let me JUMP off in another direction and connect it to this concept we are exploring.

Man, has been blinded on two levels. There is a basic blindness that we all have and then there is the secondary level of blindness that we continue to pile up as we live.

What the heck are you on about, dude?

Simply put, the first phase of blindness came from the fall when Adam “chewed”. Now, as the bible puts it, Adam saw that he was naked. Now, think about this, they were not wearing any clothes in the first place. If that thought was re-written, it would be “Adam PERCEIVED he was naked” – and that was why God still said to him “Who told you that you were naked?” Basically, Adam could not see the pink ball anymore. He could only see the blue little ball now and his mind started to adjust to compensate for his new-found reality”. The glory never ‘departed’ from him – he just could not see it anymore. What painfully drives this point home is Genesis 5: 3 “And Adam lived one hundred and thirty years, and begot a son in his own likeness, after his image, and named him Seth.”
You see, all the offspring of Adam from that time were now born blind – having no concrete perception of the LARGER, pink ball.

The second phase and what really re-enforces that blindness is a very “good” thing that comes with certain complications: Learning/Education.
We all feel smart when we can spout Avogadro’s laws or Newton’s laws or the annoying Boyle’s and Charles’ laws that did my brain in knots! There are laws for everything: Ideal gas laws, electromagnetic, thermodynamics, aerodynamics… and that brings a particular thought to my mind that sums it all up.

“By the laws of aerodynamics, bumble bees are not able to fly BUT because bumble bees do not know the laws of aerodynamics – they just go ahead and fly!”

Now, no one can put a finger on who actually did the calculations, but let us assume there were calculations at a time that ‘showed’ bumbles bees could not fly. Now imagine a bumble bee ‘school’ where they learn wonderful things about the complex world of flowers and reproduction and had to do pollen grain tests – and maybe one of them would ask about flight as an alternative strategy for evading predators, and the old bumble bee teacher who had never flown would write on the board (with all the smugness of one who thinks he really knows it all) all the LEARNT equations about why an INABILITY was to be accepted as normalcy.

Get the picture?

So, let me ask you. If a salamander or lizard loses it’s tail, can it grow it back?
The smart Alec will probably laugh at me and reply: Duh, It’s possible by a process called ‘regeneration’, dude – and it only happens among lower organisms, dude!
Now if you lose your arm, can it grow back by ‘regeneration’?

Well, the ‘truth’ you have learnt is that it is not possible, because you have been immersed in ‘Blue ball thinking’, and that is why it will never be possible for you.

Except something changes…

To be continued.

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