Saturday, February 5, 2011

Walking on water

I was lying down in the boat when I felt, more than heard, the 'sound' of silence - just the type before a storm hit.

Then the storm hit!

We struggled for a while with the boat and rough seas and were glad when the seas finally became calmer. I didn't want my tombstone to read:

He lost his life as he searched for fish.

I thought of getting back to my cozy corner when someone pointed out to sea. What now, I thought to myself as my gaze followed his pointing finger - and that was when my hair stood on end.

There was someone out there and he was standing ON the water! We all cried out in fear till a crackle of lightening lit up the darkness of the night and we saw the gentle smile of the Master.

He was weird - and yet everything I wanted to be.
"Master is that you?" I called out before the others could find their voices. Thomas had shut his eyes and closed his ears - it was his way of coping with things he could not understand.

"It is me, Peter. The night wind is quite calming after today's hot weather" Jesus said casually. Gosh, he didn't have a single smug bone in him.

"Can I come and stand on the water WITH YOU?" I asked despite myself.

"Come, Peter" was all he said and then great clarity came upon me.

Have a blessed day...

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