Saturday, February 5, 2011

Esoteric (Part 2 of 2)

The first part of this article highlighted some thoughts:
  • That man is blind to the other sphere which we call the ‘spiritual’
  • That the earth as we know it is a smaller framework within a much larger framework or being – God
  • That the earth has it’s unique laws
  • That ‘Education’/’Learning’, as defined by an earth perspective, adds to the blindness man took on during the fall.
If you are sceptical or not clear about these points, you may want to try looking up the first article to properly understand the context for these statements above.

Ok, now that we are quite aware of earth’s laws or ‘earth-styled thinking’, I would like us to shift our perspectives a little. I said before that earth was shrouded in a larger ether, in which certain kinds of thought would bring about the creation of form that could be brought into earth and would be tangible via earth senses. So if you think about a ball and about having a ball – within that ether – you will come to hold a ball in your hands at some point.

Ah, that sounds like ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Science of getting Rich’, you may say to yourself. However, what goes on is far more complex than imagining something for long enough and having it – especially for the God chaser. You see, being able to create stuff out of nothing is not ‘Christian’, just as being able to excrete is not ‘human’. Every living thing has the ability to deal with waste material – and every human has the ability to create from nothing, the tangible. Jesus took it all one GIANT step forward – especially because of an understanding he had, which is always in scripture but which many God-chasers, especially in this day and age, seem not to understand. When you come to really understand something, and you accept the concept, walking in it is not difficult at all.

Let us examine God’s ‘world’ a little, the ‘pink ball’ we talked about –which is actually God himself because ‘God fills the heavens and earth’(Jer 23:24) and it is ‘in HIM, we live, move and have our being – and we are his offspring’ (Acts 17:28) You, the God-chaser, is a brother to Jesus and a mini-god by adoption – and you need to understand how to ‘fly’ (like the bumblebees) within the larger environment of God’s world.

First, all the things you see are made of things you cannot see. You can build ANYTHING from NOTHING – because in reality, there is really nothing like ‘nothing’ because we are in God, a living environment that creates. So what you call ‘blank’, or ‘empty’ is actually FULL if you could see or understand properly. It is full of God’s living and creating presence. It was in this way that rock and soil and water came from ‘NOTHING’ (which doesn’t exist) because they issued from that living environment. (Hebrews 11:3b) Putting scripture aside, science also DISCOVERS more as its understanding grows – and now we know, from science, that Quarks are a fundamental constituent of matter and are smaller than neutrons/protons, which were thought to be the smallest particle. I am going to laugh at the day it is discovered that quarks are made of…yes, you guessed right – NOTHING!

Second, a certain kind of concentrated thought is the primary tool for creation. These powerful thoughts propel the expression of aligning action and words. On a God-level, the whole of Genesis that talks about creation shows a pattern – there was conceptualisation (God had a clarity of thought about what he was setting in motion), there was a spoken word ‘And God said, let there be light and there was light…’Gen 1: 3, and there were attending actions. In Gen 1: 14 - 16, you notice that apart from just speaking, there is a sequence of ‘And God said’ and then ‘And God MADE’.

Any human being, whether he knows God or not, is in this ether and  can create things in this dimension from the bigger dimension we are a part of. Jesus said the children of this world are wiser than children of light, which is true in many regards because the religion we practice, which robs us of true spirituality, makes us major on the minor, on dogma and motion – without learning or gaining true understanding. You do not need to know God to be rich or to prosper on EARTH. You do not need to know God to create things from thought and see them become ‘real’. However, many children of God will write off anything they do not understand as being demonic or dangerous. The wool of deception that the devil has placed on many hearts is the real danger. Scripture should be read to kick-start the journey to a deeper walk with God and better understanding of life, but holy words alone cannot sustain you. You need a real link – or relationship – with life HIMSELF.

On a ‘man-level’, I’m sure many people know the scripture ‘the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much’ James 5: 16 (KJV), while another version says ‘makes tremendous power available’.

Let me try to clarify what this is like. Let’s say I ask you: What is 5 + 5? It takes nothing to say 10.

Now, if I ask you to give me straight away the answer to 678 + 32 in one second. You realise something: You can arrive at the answer BUT you need to ENGAGE a bit more to get the answer. It’s not outside the range of your ken, but it’s not a 5 + 5 matter as well!

It is the same way with effective creation or effectual prayer. It’s not in the multitude of words or silly way of passing time that people call ‘speaking in tongues’ while they think about clips from a recent movie while moving lips to form a babble stream. To create anything, there has to be a mental/spiritual engagement, a ‘laying hold’ that may feel cerebral –but don’t forget that your ‘brain’ and thoughts are linked to a spiritual ether that you exist in. You may never know the answer to the ‘equation’ above if you do not engage – not because you can’t, but because you have not exercised it.

Three, God’s presence fills all and he is in all, and really you are a mini-god, because God is your father if you are in him and Jesus is your brother, him being the firstborn of all who will be adopted sons (Romans 8: 29). However, though you have the ability to create from nothing and work with all the elements in the known world (Mark 11:23), your ‘creative’ abilities will be much stifled and you will have less results if you try to work out things ON YOUR OWN with the vast power at your disposal. You can do all things through Christ, even create animals and things from ‘nothing’ – but you will not be permitted to do or have all things because God working in you seeks to align you to his overall plan and purposes, and it is in using your abilities as and when HE wills that you achieve true success. Unanswered prayers are simply the result of a misunderstanding of the heart and/or timing of God on an issue.

Once more, the greatest purpose of the human being is to ABIDE in him.


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