Sunday, June 13, 2010

Is it the " end of the world as we know it " ?

I sometimes get so passionate about certain areas of scripture - and one of them is prophecy. When I was atheist, I thought prophecy was a numbers game - you role-play Nostradamus and really spout a lot of probabilistic events that would "occur in the future", and as time went by, you could look back, extrapolate events that SEEMED close to what you talk about and boast about your prophetic skills.

I also used to believe it was a matter of common sense or observation. If I say a large amount of people will die in a certain areas because of "the blackness", we all know that there are crisis in every area of the world, that "large" is relative term, and "the blackness" is a figurative expression that could be anything, from an event on the scale of 9/11, or an automobile accident, claiming 10 lives and making everyone have a 'black day'.

Guess what?

Prophecy is real - and can be scary when you note its pin-point precision.

in my next series of blog posts, I will be talking about the End of Time (Not Tupac's song!) and will examine some prophecies that line up with TODAY's occurrences.

So get ready for a journey I believe will change and challenge your thinking.


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