Monday, June 7, 2010

(Quick wealth Series) How to make QUICK wealth: Making money the Jesus way (Part I)

I decided to write on the subject of money from a godly point of view, but ended up writing so much I decided to share it pieace meal by piece meal so the reader could take breaks. The whole article is about 9 pages on MS Word, so I will break it into about 3 - 5 parts.


It is very hard to fault how critically important money is in life. Wealth creation is one of the most sought after topics today and if you think money is unimportant, then maybe you are still living at home with your mom and she handles the bills, while you sit in a corner with your bible and your grey anti-capitalist T-shirt.

Going through life means one is going to have to pay through the basics: Food, clothing, shelter. And beyond the basics, money is a necessary tool to get the ball rolling with regards to fulfilling purpose. So whether you are a banker, author, musician, public speaker or a student, it becomes critical at some point to know how to make money, manage money and increase your level of financial ‘savvy-ness’ – so your income far outweighs your expense. You might want to make money online, or get a career, or earn royalty. However you want to go about it, I believe you will find something here to help you on your way.

Okay. That said, I’m sure when people look at the title, what may come to the mind of many is how you get MORE from God by consistently, constantly and conscientiously giving tithe.

(Sigh) – Truth is many poor people tithe and get laughed at by church rats. Check the right hand corner behind the dark brown pew and you will see them pointing hands and laughing at some folks…seriously!

Moving on, many may think I want to talk about spiritual warfare and ‘unlocking their breakthrough’ in the realm of the spirit.


Er, many people also do this, NONSTOP, and they are still at it years later with no real result. Actually, the church rats don’t laugh at these guys anymore. They are stale jokes.

Or maybe you might know some Christian pastors who talk about buying anointed pendants and handkerchiefs that will give you great wealth.

That is complete NONSENSE – except your hobby is hunting and gathering of ‘anointed’ stuff.

Wealth comes from following some key principles EMBEDDED in nature and you do not have to be Christian or atheist to be wealthy. You get and stay wealthy by following or FALLING (by chance (YES! I said it!)) in line with these principles.

After brief thought, I have tried to condense some wealth principles into 7 topics and I will breeze along pretty quickly to make this as quick – and painless – as possible.

First principle: To have money, you must respect it. People say money is evil and misquote the scripture about it being “the root of all evil”. Actually, the Bible says the LOVE of money is the root of all evil – and Jesus’ words and parables are peppered with a lot of talk around and about money and how to get and dispense it. He talks about a servant who did nothing with the money his master gave him – and implies that the LEAST the servant could have done was put the money in the bank so that it could gain interest.

Note: Except you have no other options, it’s not really wise to leave money in the bank for long periods as money tends to depreciate with time – meaning the same amount of money will continue to have reducING purchasing power (it will buy less and less!). Your average bank’s interest rates is normally far below the inflation rate of most countries meaning that the TRUE worth of your money reduces drastically with time except its return over time is more than the inflationary rate.

Now, If you think money is evil or not to be had, you will NOT have it. Your subconscious mind will work over time to make sure that ‘evil’ thing (money) does not stay with you. You will be pious and poor – but happy…and broke. This leads to the next principle.

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