Friday, June 25, 2010


I have been talking about the signs of the end for a while. It’s been my intention to write a few lines every time I start to write, but before I know it, I end up writing scores of pages – and learning as I go, which is the most exciting part. I wrote last time on the Mark of the Beast and what I thought it could be – microchip implants. There have been several replies and I need to correct a misunderstanding.
I am not attempting to show PRECISELY what the mark of the beast will be, hence the links I gave in the article for individuals to study further on their own. It is important for a believer to know the scripture AND know “times and seasons”.

However, as a writer, I am free to express my perspectives – maybe even allow my imagination run a bit – within the boundaries of scripture. So while I can say boldly the Beast’s Mark will be inserted and will show on the outside, I cannot tell you its physical dimension or tell you how to prepare. I can only say “be prepared” – which you will find yourself doing as you look unto Jesus and he aligns you the way only HE can.

I will be talking today about a popular line Jesus said in explaining the coming of the end of the world.
And there shall be signs in the sun… (Luke 21:25), Matthew 24:29 also says “the sun will be darkened and the moon will not give her light”. Revelation 8:12 and Revelation 16:8 talk about two interesting occurrences: The first is part of the sun losing it’s strength and the next is the sun scorching men. Kinda’ sounds like the movie, “2012”

There is actually a website called which has some very interesting articles about the end of the world, doomsday theories and makes for very interesting reading.

Before, I go on, let me correct a misconception. The “end of the world” has been really related to conspiracy theorists, Christians, religions or myth. However, the end of the world is a scientifically backed event that will occur. The sun, the major source of energy of life on earth, has been projected to be the main force that will bring an end to life on earth – from a scientific point of view and assuming there is no divine order behind it.

Currently, there have been increasing solar activity, flares and disruptions. Some say the sun is ‘waking’ up from a slumbering state it’s been in for a while. Its wake means there is going to be more increase solar activities that have direct bearing on man. The film “2012” played a round a scenario where the earth is affected by solar flares, while another film “the Knowing” shows earth being destroyed by these flares. How realistic are these occurrences?

Fact: CME’s (Coronal Mass emissions) are a cyclical occurrence where the gases around the sun’s atmosphere erupt, expelling radioactive material that can reach earth in 3 – 5 days. The next expected ACTUAL CME is scheduled to come in 2012. So is this it?

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  1. We're getting close, no doubt in my mind. Could be today even. The next few years will be exciting as world events narrow toward a more common global community and we see escalations in nature such as increased earthquakes, hurricanes, and other disasters.

    Stephen Tremp