Monday, June 7, 2010

(Quick wealth Series) How to make QUICK wealth: Making money the Jesus way (Part 2)

Second Principle: You can be wealthy INSTANTLY! All you need to do is change your THINKING!
Aha! That is the hard part. Jesus explains it precisely when he said: As a man thinketh IN HIS HEART, so is he.

It is for this same reason that many lottery winners and ‘stars’ come into a lot of MONEY, but cannot sustain it, because they are not wealthy in their minds – and they become poor again. Being wealthy is a mindset that INFLUENCES how you THINK about money, which determines the decisions you MAKE with regards to money and the muscle that gives the capacity to SUSTAIN wealth.

That is why the WEALTHY buy in bulk because they understand economies of scale; argue about every dime with their banker because they understand that a penny saved is a penny earned – and that it accumulates – and why in Nigeria, they will prefer to use gas to Kerosene. (Don’t believe me, simply think about the LITTLE amounts you have spent on candy or drinks ALL your life. I bet you get the picture now! That’s almost a painful lesson in opportunity costs). This leads on right to the next principle.

Third Principle: Jesus once said “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (You’ve got to just LOVE old English!)
Basically, you need to sow to reap. You need to give to get what YOU want. The poor think about how much they need to earn, how much bills they have and hope something will ‘happen’. That’s why many poor people are good at praying.

Don’t get me wrong.
While I do not agree entirely with Karl Marx that religion is the opiate of the masses, you have to agree that religion is a nice way for many people to justify waiting for ‘God’s time’ – WITHOUT DOING ANYTHING, or doing the RIGHT things.
The rich think of how to solve bigger problems to earn more money. If they can ascertain a HUGE or substantial demand, they can GROW to be able to deliver a HUGE/substantial supply. You see, that way, HUGE/substantial returns just happen along the way. Thinking of needs to fill? Just google ‘Maslow theory’ as a starting point.

If you are going to thrive in any endeavour, especially your own business or 'thing', you will have to sow time, money – or both – and you will have to sow the right stuff. Like Jesus said further, you can’t sow seeds of one fruit and get another. So some fail when they should be sowing time and they are sowing money, and vice versa. This leads to the next principle.

Fourth principle: Mark 7:37 talks about people’s report of Jesus and how “he had done everything WELL”. People can only say that of you when you are in alignment with the next principle.

You must KNOW your craft!

To become financially independent, wealthy and rich, you must be really savvy at SOMETHING. You must know the nitty - gritty and specifics of something, and become a sort of specialist in that area. The amount of information available with regards to anything continues to increase, meaning there is a greater opportunity than ever before to capitalise on certain niches that emerge everyday in every area of life.

Not aligning with this principle is why you see a lot of smart people who are into everything, can talk generally about most things, but when you begin to question them about specifics they become vague, might spout evasive lingo or come up with different ways to hide their ignorance.

Wealth is created by problem solving and problem solving happens when there is know-how. It is POSSIBLE not to know so much about something and get business. However, I can assure you that a trial will convince your client or customer that you are not someone they should be dealing with – and wealthy people know that repeat business from satisfied customers is a key ingredient in SUSTAINING wealth.

So know your craft...and know it WELL!

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