Sunday, June 20, 2010

Prophecy fulfilled in OUR DAY (1) : What is this "Mark of the Beast" ?

It is not with some kind of sick glee that I highlight why scripture shows the Rapture is NOT before tribulation, as shown in my last post. I sit down sometimes, and being human, I feel a sense of trepidation about the current state of our world. I think about my wife and kids and wonder what the world is going to be like for us, how easy it will be to move around, what price may need to be paid…and I wonder, make my plans, look ahead and try not to be caught in the frenzy of a world where the majority of people have learnt not to think for themselves – and where people try so hard to fit in with the crowd, even though it means losing themselves.

In the past, I had hoped and believed that the Bible was not true during my season of being atheist – and then I hoped that I would not see certain things in my life time. However, I have also learnt that troubles do not vanish when you look away or hide your head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich. Someone commented in my last post that “perfect love casts out fear” and that is true – we have to trust that God, somehow, will make a way of escape OR provide strength when future events begin.

Actually, they have begun.

The next string of articles will be more from current news and events and not just scripture.
I will be talking today about Bible prophecies and how they are being fulfilled gradually in our day. These things are unfolding gradually and like Jesus said, they should not take us unaware.

Number 1: The Mark of the Beast
The mark of the Beast (MY theory):
I had always wondered what the mark of the beast was – and thought of ways to beat it. Reason being that the bible says that the mark of the beast, once taken, meant the recipient or ‘carrier’ was doomed FOREVER. Now, that’s a long time.

So I used to think of ways to counter or undo the mark. If it was a stamp, it could be cleaned off, or if it was on my arm, maybe I could chop off my arm, like you see in some films where the actor has to cut off limbs as a last resort. I even read about a man who chopped his hand off because he believed he had taken the mark of the beast. It would be almost funny if it wasn’t so horrible.

However, from a modern-day perspective, I finally understand the BASICS of why once you take the mark, you are damned FOREVER.

Follow closely.

I have come to believe that the greatest force after LOVE is CHOICE – and when God made all things, he gave us choice. Honestly, I wish he didn’t give us…but that’s for another day.
Following God is a choice-based option. The Christian and the Atheist do NOT see all the angles. There are many things in the Bible that do not add up, but I have come to KNOW that God is.
Now, when a person turns his back on God, he makes a choice.

What the Mark of the Beast will do is ensure that that choice is SEALED and IRREVERSIBLE – BY WAY OF TECHNOLOGY.
Revelations 13: 16-17 talks about the Beast (a powerful political leader over alliances of nations, sort of like President Barroso of the European Union which is an ALLIANCE of nations) giving people a mark IN(note) their FOREHEADS and HANDS – and goes on to say trade will be impossible without the mark. You almost wonder about a MARK (external) that is IN. The bible says the mark of the beast is 666 – argh!!!! The terrible number.


Ok, it’s not about the number. It could be 9-11 or 419 or whatever number. People say all sort of things like ‘6’ is the number for man – or is a key number in the occult. I don’t know about that.
However, it has become possible to have an implantable chip that is small enough to be inserted into a human being that can achieve several things: Achieve behavior MODIFICATION (in English, effect CONTROL and INSTILL THOUGHT) by BMI processes (Brain Machine Interphase); monitor location; and be irremovable; to carry out transactions or operations.

As many of us know, money is just a means of exchange that evolved from barter. Many envisage a cashless society in the future as smart cards are now a norm. With the discovery of silicon's unique characteristics to compact a hugh amount of data on a small interface, there has been increased clamour on the smart idea of compacting information onto chips and implanting them in human beings for security reasons - as multiple cards and/or passports are cumbersome and can be lost easily. (It's no longer news that new Passports for certain countries now have rfid chips implanted that enable tracking)

Basically, there have been several chips that run on lithium-batteries, and have to be placed on areas with the highest temperature variations – ‘coincidentally’ the areas of the body with these variations are the arm or the head. Attempting to remove some of them from the body will leak lithium into the blood, killing the individual as lithium is poisonous and should not come into direct contact with the skin or blood stream.

I did some research during my Master’s program on the viability of direct information download into the brain – as a commercial service. I started out with just the idea – but found out that it was already possible to connect the brain to inter-phases that could visually represent thought – you think it, it shows up on the screen. Now every computer person knows that a ‘line OUT’ means there can be a ‘line in’ – if you can send out data from a point (the brain in the case), then there is a way to send data INTO the brain.

With the current chips that employ BMI, transmitting thought, pleasure and pain to an individual is NOW as well as controlling action. As a test run, a rat was made to run around on the ground in any direction like a remote controlled car using this same mechanism.

In other words, if a person takes that Mark into himself/herself, as it is received, the individual just handed out the last silver of choice to the Beast – an individual who is completely against God.
There is no return as choice, at that point, has been sold out...forever.

I do not know what the actual mark/chip/thing will be like at the end of the day. I do know there will be choice involved and I know that there are several chips available now. I also know that a spoof website open for only 48 hours had people who filled out forms to receive the mark of the beast implanted in them for a $250 reward.

The separation has already begun.

For further reading and research

Every bit of compromise is a dress rehearsal for that final irreversible dispatch and loss of free will – for a bit of pleasure or gain.

To be continued…


  1.      I did a blog post some time back about prophecy. The "mark of the beast" fails criterion 3 as it is indefinitely postponable.
         That being said, I am a privacy fanatic. I oppose tracking devices on principle. I found the notion of parents getting implants for their children to be quite horrifying. Did they not consider that, when the child grows up, he should be allowed not to be trackable? My understanding on their irremovability is that you can't get hold of them (like a tomato seed) not that they leak. But the chips are a privacy concern, first and foremost.

  2. hmmmm,deep sturvs we usually don't want to talk about.
    but seriously think the mark won't just be a chip inserted in bodies, randomly. choice HAS to be involved. you gat to know what you're getting then decide to get it or NOT (methinks).

    well done. helps me keep Christ and eternal life in mind!